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“We Buy and Sell Houses.”

Need to sell your Denver house quickly for cash? Looking to buy discount, investment, or retail property? MyWest is your go-to source for quick cash and Colorado real estate investment opportunities.

We Buy and Sell Denver Real Estate

Headquartered in Superior, CO, MyWest Investment Group is a Colorado real estate investment firm focused on renovating Boulder, Denver and the metro area.


  • We Buy with Cash
  • We Buy “As-Is”
  • We Solve Problems, Fast!

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  • We Price Dream Homes Below Market Value
  • We Pay the Realtor¬©
  • We Provide a 1-Year Home Warranty

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  • We Sell Only Great Deals
  • We Have Steady Inventory
  • We Understand Your ARV, LTV, and Cash Flow Needs

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  • We Pay CASH
  • We Are Always Buying
  • We Want All Your Deals

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  • We Finance Only Great Deals
  • We Directly Impact Our Community
  • We Are Always Just a Phone Call Away

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